3 Best Stock Trading Apps for Beginners

Of course you are familiar with the so-called stock investment. In addition, due to the outbreak, the stock market in USA has really gone down. This makes several retail investors jointly enter into stock investment instruments today.

Stock Trading App

Stock prices have fallen really far, making it an opportunity for some novice investors to make profits in the stock world. But despite current events, this stock investment is very promising.

In addition, to start investing in stocks today is really easy. There are already several stock apps you can use to buy stocks, plus many are newbie-friendly.

Nach, to buy shares you don’t even need to prepare a lot of money, you can buy shares starting at only Rp. 10,000.

In this opportunity, we will share a list of the best stock apps that you can use and which are suitable for those who are just starting out. Directly for those of you who are interested in starting to invest, summarized from derapdesa.id, please read the list below.

1. Stockbit

The first app that we reference is Stockbit. The initial program was a stock trading community or social trading created and developed by Sinarmas Sekuritas. This forum provides many benefits for its members, namely they can share information about good stock references.

Stockbit is increasingly recognized because the stock itself is part of an investment whose price is quite controlled by market sentiment, including information and information. With this Stockbit program several expert or senior investors can provide their analysis regarding the existing market.

Well, for some novice investors, of course, this information is important. Although not 100% accurate, this information is still a reason to buy shares. In the end, users will be able to register, create accounts, and transact shares through this app.

The selling/buying fee in the Stockbit app per business transaction is 0.25%/0.15%. The Stockbit program has many advantages as a stock program, including:

  • Modern and modern interface
  • There are learning facilities in the form of online trading simulations
  • Has a dialogue community that has several members from all over USA


IPOT or Indo Premier Online Technology as the next best stock program. IPOT is an online trading app owned by PT Indo Premier Sekuritas for investment in mutual funds, stocks, and ETFs with quite complete features.

The favorite feature offered by IPOT is the Robo Trading process which can automatically execute all buying and selling orders on the stock and the price you set initially.

With this feature you don’t miss the event to buy the stock at the price you expect. Another special advantage that IPOT has is that there is no minimum deposit when you open a stock account.

Many other advantages of this IPOT app are that there is no minimum deposit when you open a stock account in this stock app, you can invest in stocks and mutual funds all in this app, news and research features by the Indo Premier Team, and many other features.

When registering an account at IPOT, if you use a BCA account as a special account, then the bank account on your RDN will use a BCA account. Meanwhile, if you use something else, your RDN account will use Permata bank.

And for fees on this app, for marketing will be charged 0.29% for each transaction. And for the purchase of shares will be charged 0.19% for each business transaction. In the meantime, here are many other advantages of IPOT as the best stock app:

  • Minimum deposit 0$
  • Opening of accounts and accounts can be carried out in full via online without sending physical archives
  • One program for all types of investment products (stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, etc.)
  • Robot trading
  • There is information on market sentiment and analysis from several experts
  • Provide program usage guidelines and evaluation materials

3. MotionTrade

The best stock app after that is MotionTrade. This app is actually a new version of the MNC Sekuritas program. And as the name implies, MNC Sekuritas as a subsidiary of the MNC Group which is under the protection of PT MNC Kapital USA Tbk.

The business transaction stipulations of MotionTrade are 0.18% buying fee and 0.28% selling fee. And for the initial deposit to open an account in this app, it doesn’t need to be expensive, you only need to deposit 100 thousand funds and you can start trading stocks.

The process of creating an account at MotionTrade is also easy and can be done online, no need to go to the office or meet face to face. But to create an account, you must first have a BCA account.

So, those are some of the best stock app recommendations that are suitable for those who are just starting out. For those of you who are just starting out in the world of stock investing and want to try buying stocks, you can try some of these apps to buy.

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