5 Things You Need to Know About Pet Insurance

Providing the right protection in the form of life insurance for loved ones is a noble thing. Not only showing your concern for their presence, buying them a life insurance product will prevent you and your loved ones from getting rid of all the worst possibilities that could harm you. However, what happens if you who have pets at home want to provide the same protection for them?

Currently, insurance for pets is starting to appear in Indonesia. Looking at the number of pet lovers from the most common to the exotic, pet insurance companies offer a variety of product advantages and benefits at affordable premiums. What kind of protection do they offer?

Claims that can be covered by pet insurance

Pet Insurance

1.Health care and medical expenses

Insurance for pets covers various types of health protection and treatment costs arising from events that endanger the condition of the pet. Starting from injuries, accidents, to short-term and long-term illness. In addition, the insurance company will also provide protection for pet owners who are injured or possibly attacked by pets.

2. Cost of death

Similar to life insurance for humans, insurance for pets will also cover the cost of death that occurs due to accidents or health problems.

3. Insurance against theft

What can you do if your pet is stolen by an irresponsible party? Maybe you can only contemplate and lament the memories you shared with him. Insurance for pets will provide compensation to pet owners in the event of an act of theft of a pet.

4. Boarding or animal care fees

Even though your love for pets is great, you may not be able to take them or even devote all your time to them. In this condition, you can choose an alternative in the form of animal care that can take care of your pet. However, you don’t have to worry about administrative fees and the daily fees that apply at the hostel or animal care center will be covered by the pet insurance.

5. Insurance for property damaged by pets

You can’t always predict the original nature and instinct of a pet. It could be, pets that have known your character show their true nature and instincts. What if their actions could damage the property in your home? Don’t worry, with pet insurance, the company will cover the cost of the property damaged by your pet.

Types of animals that can be insured

Are you a lover of the most common pets found in many homes, such as cats, dogs, or ornamental fish and birds? Or are you a keeper of exotic animals that need special care? Before you register your favorite pet, make sure that they are a type of animal that can be insured. In addition to the animals mentioned above, here is a list of the types of exotic animals that you can insure:

  • Parrots and other large birds (excluding birds of prey)
  • Turtles (all species)
  • Terrapins and Turtles
  • Rabbit
  • Guinea Pig and other harmless small mammals
  • Lizards of various varieties, such as geckos, iguanas, anoles, etc
  • Non-venomous snake
  • Small bird
  • Exotic little mammal
  • Exotic medium sized exotic mammals

Make sure you also have a certification and a permit to care for and maintain exotic animals from the Natural Resources Conservation Center so you can claim the insurance you have.

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