Five Misunderstandings on Health Insurance

Sometimes due to a person’s lack of literacy regarding health insurance, various wild perceptions that are not in accordance with the facts arise.

Therefore it is important for us to know more about health insurance.

Five Misunderstandings on Health Insurance

Health Insurance

In the following, we summarize some of the common misunderstandings about insurance, especially in health insurance, from Family Financial Planner sources.

1. No Claim = 100% Return Premium

Fact: most won’t come back 100%. Anyone can return, but the health benefits will immediately end when the claim.

All products have their pluses and minuses. Customize according to your needs. Keep in mind, the risk of getting sick cannot be predicted when it will occur, how many times it will occur, and at what cost.

It’s always better to be prepared for the worst situation, than minimal preparation for “temporary gains”.

2. Ugly Unitlink, Traditional Only?

Traditional Askes initial premium is cheaper, but if you pay 2 months late, the policy is immediately deactivated. This is very dangerous when you are aged 70+, because the policy cannot be restored.

Askes Unitlink has investment reserves. When late payments, the policy remains active because it is paid from the investment portion. But the premium is more expensive and there is an investment risk.

Each product has pluses and minuses. Choose those whose pluses are profitable, and whose minuses you can easily overcome!

3. The More Limits = The Better

In fact, not necessarily! First check what the limit can cover and what the conditions are.

For example, there are those with large limits but can only be used for certain types of diseases. And the condition is that the incident must be several months after the health insurance is active.

If you’re not sure how to check it, consult your trusted insurance consultant, OK?

4. Just be quiet if you’re sick, so you can be approved!

In fact, the chances of being accepted are high. But, you are not fair. When caught, your policy can be deactivated immediately. But the worst part is, this can be legally processed and even asked to return 100% of the claim money that you have received.

So, it’s better to be honest! And choose an advisor who really understands how to get your submission approved.

5. Wait for a new illness to register, so you don’t lose!

When in good health, many delay having insurance. The reason is, later when you get sick, so that it will be effective!

In fact, when a disease has been diagnosed, the chances of being accepted are even smaller, and can even be rejected. Depends on how severe the disease is. Have health insurance as early as possible, while still healthy.

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