How to Get Health Insurance with Mediocre Money

Without health insurance, the savings that have been accumulated for years to make dreams come true can run out because you have to seek treatment.

The cost of medical treatment or treatment also experiences inflation or increases every year.

So, is BPJS Health as a risk management solution enough for those who have a limited budget? It could be yes and it could be no.

BPJS Health is the most standard and cheapest health insurance that must be owned.

However, the referral system when you seek treatment using BPJS Health will certainly take time. Unlike when you seek treatment with health insurance.

Health insurance will be very necessary for medical procedures that require fast time.

How to Get Health Insurance with Mediocre Money

Health Insurance

Considering that private health insurance premiums tend to be higher than BPJS Health contributions, here are five tips for choosing health insurance on a limited budget:

1. Have an emergency fund first

In life, there are many urgent needs that have the potential to arise at any time, without us knowing.

These things could be in the form of meeting daily needs when you get laid off, broken gadgets, changing vehicle parts until you fall sick.

Have an emergency fund savings in the right amount, at least three to six times the monthly expenses for those of you who work as employees with a steady income.

But especially for those who don’t have a steady income, having an emergency fund of 12 months is certainly a solution.

2. Buy hospitalization insurance first

If you don’t get health insurance at all from your workplace, consider buying inpatient insurance first. Meanwhile, for outpatient care, use an emergency fund.

The cost of hospitalization is quite high, and there are lots of unexpected costs when someone has to undergo an inpatient process at the hospital.

3. Choose a hospital cash benefit

Instead of choosing hospital cash plan (HCP) insurance, choose hospital cash benefit type insurance.

This is because the benefits provided by HCP are only limited to daily hospitalization benefits. It is feared, the hospital bill will be far greater than the daily compensation that can be covered by insurance.

Hospital cash benefits will provide coverage according to medical costs incurred. However, pay close attention to the maximum ceiling for each medical expense, be it room fees, doctor services, various treatments and so on.

And no less important for you to know the maximum annual limit of the selected insurance.

4. Look for ways to save on premiums

Not all health insurance will cover 100% of medical expenses. Some insurance products can also cover part or 80% of the total bill, while the rest can be paid with an emergency fund.

If the amount insured is below 100%, the monthly premium that must be paid will be cheaper.

You can certainly consider this method to save on your monthly expenses.

5. Use family health insurance

With only one insurance policy, you can get a health insurance product that can protect all family members. Premiums paid are generally cheaper than individual insurance.

However, it should be noted that the number of family members per person who can be protected is generally five.

Those are things that must be considered for those whose income is mediocre and want to buy health insurance.

But don’t just choose an insurance product, okay? Get to know the insurance company well.

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