Recommended Free Crypto Mining Apps on Android

Just like other investment products, you should first understand all information about crypto before you venture to start investing, let alone mining crypto money or people who are familiar with crypto mining. So, what is crypto mining and what apps are free? Come on, check it out in this article!

What is Crypto?

Recommended Free Crypto Mining Apps on Android

You are certainly familiar with cryptocurrencies or what is commonly called crypto, right? For those who don’t know, crypto is a digital money that is trending in recent years. One of the most popular cryptos is Bitcoin.

In some countries, Bitcoin can legally be a trading tool or as a currency. In Indonesia, crypto is still an investment product. There are also many crypto investment enthusiasts from the younger generation. Crypto is digital money that is intangible and has no tangible product, such as stocks.

In addition, the risk of investing in crypto is also very high, even higher than stocks. However, you must know this investment concept: high risk, high return, which means that although the risk is high, the return you can get from investing in crypto is also very large.

Can Crypto Mining through Gadgets?

Unlike mining for coal or gold, crypto mining is done with a complex computational process and requires a powerful machine with a special chipset to make it more efficient. Then, the question is, is it possible to mine crypto through gadgets? The answer is yes. The components in our gadgets have become more powerful over time so that they can perform crypto mining through the help of a processor instead of a graphics processing unit (GPU).

Free Crypto Mining App on Android

For you Android users, here are some free crypto mining apps that you can try. What are those? Come on, check one by one!

1. MinnerGate

MinerGate Mobile Miner is an app that you can download and promises increased performance and lower power consumption through the use of special hardware chips found in the latest smartphones. MinerGate has become one of the top mining pools for Bitcoin with more than 2 million active miners from all over the world.

2. Bitcoin Miner

The next app that you can use is Bitcoin Miner. This one app is one app that can help you mine without compromising your daily activities to the point of sacrificing performance.

3. AA Miner

In addition to the two apps above, there is also an app called AA Miner. In this app, there are no ads or offers to buy features that often annoy users. Besides Bitcoin, you also have the opportunity to have 50 other types of crypto money through AA Miner.

Well, that’s a free crypto mining app on Android that you can choose according to your convenience. More interested in exploring crypto?

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