This is How to Learn Crypto Bitcoin Trading for Beginners to Make Profits

Learning by doing is one way of learning Crypto Bitcoin trading for beginners that has been proven to be effective in improving investors’ experience in playing Crypto Bitcoin. In addition to hands-on experience when investing in Crypto Bitcoin, you can also find out and learn a lot about what Crypto Bitcoin is through the following ways!

For beginners, there is one thing that is no less important that novice investors need to know about Crypto Bitcoin. Crypto Bitcoin is one of the current types of investment instruments that has performed best in the last few years.

So, it is not surprising that there are so many novice investors from the millennial generation who flock to buy Crypto Bitcoin as an investment today through various exchanges registered with CoFTRA, one of which is through the Pintu application.

Well, for those of you who are just starting your first investment in Crypto Bitcoin, at least there are several ways to learn Crypto Bitcoin trading for beginners that are proven to be effective in reducing the risk of investor losses. The following is quoted from, Wednesday (9/2) several ways that novice investors can apply.

This is How to Learn Crypto Bitcoin Trading for Beginners to Make Profits

This is How to Learn Crypto Bitcoin Trading for Beginners to Make Profits

1. Bitcoin Crypto Price Movement

One of the things you need to learn when trading Crypto Bitcoin is knowing the price movements of Crypto Bitcoin. To make it easier for you to monitor Crypto Bitcoin price movements which are fairly volatile, you need an application or software that can help you with this.

Knowing the current and past price movements of Crypto Bitcoin can help you determine the momentum of when to buy and when to sell the best Crypto Bitcoin you have.

One of the best moments if you want to collect the most valuable cryptocurrency right now, Crypto Bitcoin, is after the halving day. Crypto Bitcoin price is predicted to increase significantly during the 12 month period since the halving day.

2. Applying Risk Management

For those of you who don’t know what risk management is, risk management can be likened to the brakes when you are driving when conditions are dangerous. This is closely related to the psychology of novice investors who often feel selfish to reap maximum profits, without realizing that the consequences of risk always accompany investors when trading Crypto Bitcoin.

The more you trade and buy Crypto Bitcoin, you also have a big risk of loss. So, determining the amount of risk of loss and profit that you can receive depends on each investor’s risk profile.

3. Make Purchases Gradually

For beginners, you should apply the purchase method using Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) by purchasing Crypto Bitcoin assets at a certain price in stages from 100% of the funds you want to allocate.

The advantage of this method of buying is that investors don’t have to be afraid to guess whether the price is already in the top or bottom position, and the investment costs are relatively minimal because all the funds they have are not directly placed.

4. Choose a Trading Platform that has been Registered with CoFTRA

Security in investing is one of the reasons why investors put their funds in this type of investment instrument. This is the same when you want to invest in Crypto Bitcoin and other digital assets.

Of course, you need to choose a crypto asset trader who is already safe and regulated by CoFTRA as the regulator in Indonesia. For example, the Pintu application charges a withdrawal fee of Rp. 4,500 flat for every transaction made.

Those are some ways to play Crypto Bitcoin for beginners that you can apply so that you can invest in Crypto Bitcoin safely and wisely.

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