Want to Try Forex Investing? Know These 4 Things First

Investment is now a trend that is often discussed by young workers. Especially since there is economic uncertainty due to the outbreak. Many choose to enter the world of investment in the hope of securing assets as well as getting development from investment returns.

Want to Try Forex Investing

Many also start trying to dive into the investment world because they are motivated to see their peers who already have a lot of reserve funds from investment results. Not even a few have emerged as new rich people because they can manage investment instruments intelligently.

One of the investment instruments that are widely chosen is Foreign Exchange or commonly known as forex. Forex is an exchange rate transaction between one currency for another. Forex values ​​usually change all the time depending on the market mechanism so as to provide an opportunity to profit from the difference between buying and selling prices. Of course, the increase in the exchange rate is also accompanied by a decrease so that there is a risk that must be managed in it.

Many choose forex as an investment instrument because it offers great profits. Not even a few can earn money many times over because they can read the market direction well. But make no mistake, because the value fluctuates, you also have the potential to experience capital loss.

Well, for those of you who want to be serious about investing in forex, let’s first know the following:

1. High Liquidity

Forex is an investment instrument with high liquidity compared to other instruments. This is because the scope of forex investment is a world exchange that is interconnected with each other.

When you choose to enter the world of forex investing, you are connected to money markets around the world. With forex trading you have the opportunity to take advantage of price fluctuations due to the high volume of trading activity and the large volume of buyers and sellers in the market.

When investing in forex, you will be in contact with macroeconomic data, both the domestic economy and the global economy. You also need to closely monitor central bank decisions in several major countries. In addition, there is nothing wrong with conducting periodic evaluations of a country’s currency to measure whether its value will decrease or increase in a certain period of time.

2. High Return on Investment (ROI)

When viewed as a whole, forex has the highest Return on investment (ROI) compared to other investment instruments. ROI is the return on investment which is calculated based on the result of dividing the income generated by the amount of capital invested. More excitingly, you can take advantage of two-way transactions, both when prices go down and when prices go up.

Because it promises a fairly large profit, many choose to invest in large amounts of forex. However, you must remember that it is better to diversify your investment in several instruments at the same time. You don’t have to use all assets just to invest in forex.

3. Don’t Need Big Capital

To be able to start investing in forex, you do not need a large capital. Indeed, many people think that to be able to start investing in forex it takes a lot of funds. In fact now, you can start investing with affordable funds.

You can invest forex even starting from US $ 1 you know. But if you want to get a significant profit, start with sufficient funds. The bigger the investment you invest, the greater the chance of getting a profit.

4. Transaction Flexibility

Now there is no need to be complicated to start forex investments. You can take advantage of the best investment application digibank by DBS for all transaction needs. Besides being easy, you can access forex transactions on the digibank by DBS application 7/24 non-stop from anywhere. As long as you are connected to the internet, transactions can be done.

Now how, are you still interested in trying forex investment? If it turns out that you are still in doubt and worried about liquidity and high ROI, there is no need to worry because you can start with forex investments that have less risk, such as through foreign exchange deposits.

Foreign currency deposits are time deposits using a variety of foreign currencies, including the US dollar, Singapore dollar, euro, pound sterling, Australian dollar, Hong Kong dollar and Japanese yen. Among all that, foreign exchange deposits that are most in demand are US dollar deposits.

Dollar deposits are timed so that withdrawals and withdrawals of funds in foreign currency deposits can only be made for a certain period of time according to the agreement between the customer and the bank. For example, you can choose a period of 3 months, 6 months or 24 months according to your needs.

Dollar deposits are suitable for those of you who are just learning to invest in forex. So you don’t need to be aggressive in the forex market to hunt for profits. You just need to keep your money safe for the chosen timeframe and profit from the yield or interest.

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